Jonathan Banks

'Community Season 6 on Yahoo: Everything We Know So Far
'Community' and its creator Dan Harmon blew our minds once more with the announcement that the Greendale Gang had survived cancellation yet again to produce a sixth season with Yahoo Screen, but is class really back in session? Find out everything we know about 'Community''s six seasons and a movie with our guide to Greendale's major Yahoo deal!
'Better Call Saul' Adds Jonathan Banks
We weren't over the moon by the initial revelation that AMC would parlay 'Breaking Bad''s colossal success into prequel spinoff 'Better Call Saul,' but if we have to explore Saul Goodman's pre-Walter White past, our favorite New Mexican lawyer will at least keep some fine company. 'Breaking Bad' veteran Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut) will co-captain 'Better Call Saul' alongside Bob Odenkirk, bu
'Community' Season 5's Darkest Trailer
Just when we thought the cinematic trailer for 'Community' season 5 showed us the series at its most impressive, we're swept beyond the darkest timeline. The newest two-and-a-half-minute trailer for our January return to Greendale proves the most epic yet, with our first looks at 'Justified' star Walton Goggins and an all-new Greendale war to come!
‘Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks Picks Up Another Gig in CBS’ ‘Vegas’
Boy, Jonathan Banks really hit the jackpot.  Just days after nabbing his first major post 'Breaking Bad' role on 'Parks and Recreation' as Ben Wyatt's dad, the grizzly Mike Ehrmantraut Jonathan Banks has scored yet another gig on a broadcast network.  the in-demand 'Breaking Bad' star and sometime menstruation expert will next take his gruff talents to CBS' period drama 'Vegas,' but what kind of m
‘Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks to Menace ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 5
See?  We knew nothing could bring down the great Mike Ehrmantraut.  As distressed as we were to learn that 'Breaking Bad' star Jonathan Banks (theoretically) wouldn't be present for the show's final eight episodes, the one-time menstruation expert needn't wait very long for his next gig.  Banks will next bring his menacing mug to season 5 of 'Parks and Recreation,' but as whom?  And will his chara
‘Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmantraut Explains Menstruation in 1974 Educational Video
Considering that 'Breaking Bad' will end the current run of season 5 episodes this Sunday, before picking up again with the final eight installments in 2013, we're all going to be jonesing for a fresh hit of our favorite 'Breaking Bad' stars.  And while people have put Aaron Paul through the ringer by dragging out his pre-'Breaking Bad' work, isn't it time we gave Mike Ehrmantraut, Jonathan Banks