Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis
The fight is just beginning for one of Hollywood’s most revered comediennes. Veep and Seinfeld favorite Julia Louis-Dreyfus took the courageous step of announcing her own breast cancer diagnosis over Twitter, pivoting the discussion to healthcare as HBO answers questions about Veep’s f…
'Veep' Season 7 Will End the Series, Star Confirms
HBO’s Veep may have outlasted Selina Meyer’s Vice Presidency and Oval Office tenure, but the series itself must eventually resign. So it is, that star Julia Louis-Dreyfus now confirms next year’s seventh season will be the last for the Emmy-winning political satire.
'Seinfeld' Goes 'Twin Peaks' in Revival Teaser Parody
Commercials and Curb Your Enthusiasm are about as close to a Seinfeld revival as we’ll ever get, but in an age where new Twin Peaks graces Showtime, anything seems possible. In fact, giving Seinfeld the same eerie teaser as Twin Peaks’ return might just make the best case, in a new par…
'Veep' Season 6 Teaser Finds Selina Meyer's Second Act
We’ve caught Silicon Valley’s Season 4 premiere date and a first teaser since learning that Veep would debut Season 6 in April, but at long last, Selina Meyer is coming back to the public eye. See for yourself in a first Season 6 tease, as the former President takes to spreading democr…

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