Justice League 2

‘Justice League 2’ Pushed Back to Make Room for ‘Batman’
With all the heroes joining Batman and Wonder Woman (and Superman) in Justice League, plus almost all of them getting their own solo movies, it’s almost impossible to find room for them all. Warner Bros. recently did a bit of reshuffling with their slate of films, and pushed back the release of Justice League: Part 2, which until now had had a mid-2019 spot, to make room for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. And now that Snyder has some free time on his hands, he’s turning his attention to Afghanistan war thriller The Last Photograph.
Chris Terrio Says He Might Not Write ‘Justice League: Part Two’
Most of the build-up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has focused on star Ben Affleck and his new version of Batman, the introduction of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to the DC Movie Universe, and the direction of Zack Snyder. There hasn’t been a ton written about or with Chris Terrio, the film’s co-screenwriter who won an Oscar for his work on the script for Affleck’s Argo. But in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Terrio discussed his work on the film, and on the larger series of DC movies he’s contributing to.
Big DC Superhero News!
Not to be outdone by the big 'Captain America 3'/Civil War announcement from earlier this week, Warner Bros. dropped some superhero news of their own. They've confirmed their 2017, 2018 and 2019 superhero movies as well as announced some new casting for members of the new Justice League.