Britney Hits ‘Rock Bottom’ in ‘Britney Ever After’ Teaser
There’s only one thing weirder than a biopic about an artist who’s still alive, and that’s a biopic about an artist who’s still alive and wants nothing to do with said biopic and has in fact disowned it completely. That’s Britney Ever After, Lifetime’s (naturally) drama about pop artist Britney Spears’ career and fall to “rock bottom.”
'UnREAL' Season 3 Sets Caitlin Fitzgerald as Bachelorette
The missteps of UnREAL Season 2 guaranteed that Lifetime would take a more cautious approach in Season 3, and the switch to a Bachelorette-type format is already off and running. We’ve officially found our next Everlasting star, now that Masters of Sex alum Caitlin Fitzgerald has signed on as the new leading star.
New Uncanny Valley Images from Britney Spears Biopic
In psychology, there is a concept called the uncanny valley, which refers to that creepy feeling you get when you see something that looks almost just like a person’s face, but not quite. This also applies to celebrity biopics. When you watch a movie about someone you’ve seen pictures of all over the place for your entire life, and the actor playing that person looks almost just like that person, but not quite, you get the same creepy feeling. That feeling abounds in these new images from Lifetime’s Britney Spears movie, tentatively titled Britney.
'UnREAL' Season 3 Sets Female Suitor for 'Everlasting'
Off the rails as Season 2 of Lifetime’s breakout UnREAL went, the initial attempt at exploring racial politics with an African-American Everlasting suitor was well-received. Season 3 has its own issues behind the scenes, but will again attempt to change the conversation of reality TV, this time switching genders with a female suitor.
Robert Durst Jinxed With Lifetime Movie in Development
The jinxed story of Robert Durst doesn’t lend itself to a second season the way Netflix’s Making a Murderer or even Serial might, but Durst himself has been grounds for belching parody for decades. Now, Lifetime will take The Jinx story in a semi-serious route, developing an original movie based on the decades-long saga of Durst’s mysterious deaths.

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