Lost in Space

Netflix 'Lost in Space' Casts Parker Posey as Dr. Smith
Most of Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot casting has been fairly straightforward, but the addition of Dr. Smith is an interesting one. Rather than place another male actor in the role, the 2018 series has signed Parker Posey to portray the nefarious doctor responsible for the Robinson family pr…
Netflix 'Lost in Space' Casts Molly Parker as Maureen
It’s a fair question how Netflix’s upcoming Lost in Space reboot will tackle the source material in a modern serialized context, but the series is at least in good hands. The latest star to join the Lost family Robinson is none other than Deadwood and House of Cards star Molly Parker, …
'Lost in Space' Confirms Netflix Reboot Coming in 2018
We’ll say this for the Robinson family, they sure take their sweet time getting anywhere. After initial 2014 development, as well landing on Netflix late last year, a new Lost in Space is finally confirmed for a series order, under the watchful eye of Dracula Untold and Hannibal vets.

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