Reel Women: ‘Lovelace’ is a Slight Biopic About a Woman Who Was Anything But
In the first half hour of 'Lovelace,' the biopic of legendary porn star Linda Lovelace (aka Linda Boreman) directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, the film is as bubbly as Lovelace's notorious porn film, 'Deep Throat.' There's something cute, albeit slight, about this version of events -- unfortunately, the last hour of the film remains just as slight in its interpretation of the "facts
New ‘Lovelace’ Trailer Brings the Nearly NSFW Goods
As you'd expect from the biopic of the most famous pornographic actress of all time, the new international trailer for 'Lovelace' sells the fact that the film is full of sex -- like, lots and lots of sex. Although this is certainly not a red-band trailer, it often brushes up against the edge of being approved for all audiences (this was cut for Europeans, after all), so proceed cautiously. Read Mo
Nude in 'Lovelace'
Amanda Seyfried appears nude in 'Lovelace' - this we pretty much knew, considering it's a biopic based on the life of legendary adult film star Linda Lovelace. While some audience members at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival premiere were taken aback by the nudity, Seyfried herself didn't think much of it and spoke out about any potential controversy.
First ‘Lovelace’ Clip: Amanda Seyfried is “Made Beautiful”
Yes, Amanda Seyfried is playing infamous porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic 'Lovelace' and yes, she's probably going to get incredibly naked (because what would be the point if she didn't?), but no, the first clip released from the film features no nudity whatsoever and instead chooses to highlight Seyfried's performance. Okay. Now you should know if you want to bother with this clip.
‘Lovelace’ Gets a Poster
Linda Lovelace starred in the most famous pornographic film of all time. She also wrote at least two books on her life in the industry, one that was pro-swinger lifestyle, and one that talked about the abuse and rape that came with the trade. It's fascinating material - a fascinating life - and 'Lovelace' is a great role for Amanda Seyfried. And now there's a poster for the film.