Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Adds ‘Luck’ Star Ian Hart for Another Mysterious Role
The other week we got excited for Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' all over again with news of a new recurring role that indicated the hotly anticipated 'Avengers' tie-in drama had begun shooting beyond its pilot episode. Now, yet another familiar face has joined the cast in 'Luck' and 'Bates Motel' star Ian Hart, but what mysterious new role might we speculate the actor to be playing?
HBO’s Cancelled ‘Luck’ Given New Life as Online Blog
Anyone paying attention to HBO over the last year or so will likely remember the controversy surrounding Michael Mann's acclaimed horse-racing drama 'Luck,' which the network cancelled after controversy surrounding a third horse's death associated with production. Both animal rights activists and the creative side have argued quite a bit about differing reports of cruelty to the animals, but now i
Dustin Hoffman Blames ‘Luck’ Cancellation on PETA and TMZ, PETA Responds
Near of a year ago, HBO fans were stunned to learn that despite the critical acclaim of Dustin Hoffman's horse-racing drama 'Luck,' persistent animal cruelty complaints and a third horse's death led to the network shutting down production shortly after beginning a second season. Now, following series star Dustin Hoffman's accusations against PETA and TMZ of misrepresenting conditions, the animal r
‘New Girl’ Gets a Little Bit of ‘Luck’ Casting Nick’s Dad
Though it seems like a distant, clip-clopping memory by now, many HBO fans still feel the bitter sting of 'Luck's cancellation, even if it put a stop to all those dead horses.  Still, plenty of the show's stars have managed to find their feet, with Kevin Dunn landing on the second season of HBO's 'Veep,' Jason Gedrick menacing 'Dexter,' and now Dennis Farina has joined the gang as the latest recru
‘Veep’ Season 2 Adds ‘Luck’ and ‘Transformers’ Star as New Chief of Staff
Thanks to HBO, Kevin Dunn won't be out of a job very long. The pay cabler's horse-racing drama 'Luck' may have been shut down just as production began on a second season, but that doesn't mean its cast should have to lose the race! Series star (as well as 'Transformers' dad) Kevin Dunn will take a significant role in the upcoming second season of the Emmy-winning 'Veep,' but as whom? Is one 'Veep'
HBO Officially Cancels ‘Luck’ After Third Horse Death
Wow, can't say we saw that one coming down the track.  It seems HBO's 'Luck' has officially run out, and the third time was the charm.  Perhaps there were too many lucky horseshoes on the set, and they all cancelled one another out. Just one day after yet a third horse died during production of HBO's equine-racing drama 'Luck,' the network has decided to pull the plug on production of the series p
‘Luck’ Production Shuts Down After Killing Three Unlucky Horses
We don't want to say the cast and crew behind HBO's thoroughbred racing drama 'Luck' are beating a dead horse with this latest news, but, well...that's precisely what they're doing. The production claimed the life of yet a third horse, prompting further calls and outrage from American humane societies who demand production of the series be suspended.