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Homeland' Season 6 Releases Premiere Online Early
Homeland made waves with the news that Season 6 would bypass 2016 altogether, but it seems Carrie & co. found a way to sneak us some early intel. Watch the full January premiere right now, find out what happened to Quinn, and see what brings Homeland Season 6 to New York City!
'Homeland' Season 6 Trailer Teases Quinn's Return
If ever you thought that Homeland Season 6 might prove less topical by its election of a female President, think again. The delicate transition of power is on full display in the first full trailer, featuring the threat of homegrown terrorism and our first hint of Quinn in the new footage.
'Homeland' and 'The Affair' Renewed for 2016 Seasons
Whether or not you dedicate your Sunday viewings to Homeland and The Affair, it shouldn’t surprise that Seasons 5 and 2 won’t be the last for either. Showtime has officially renewed both its long-running counter-terrorism drama and the extramarital mind-bender for new 2016 orders.
Carrie Goes Rogue in Full 'Homeland' Season 5 Trailer
The success of Homeland Season 4's ostensible reboot has us eager to learn if Showtime can pull it off a second time this fall, and the first full trailer for Carrie’s new private life in Germany doesn’t disappoint. There’s explosions, intrigue ,and all-kinds of black-baggi…
‘Homeland’ Season 5 Trailer: Carrie Will Not Atone
Homeland Season 5 appears to be following the same formula as the past season — it’s essentially a soft reboot, transporting the characters and the action to a new location with a brand new mission. The first trailer is light on details, but heavy on the promise of something new.

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