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Mark Duplass’ Josef Is Back in the First ‘Creep 2’ Trailer
One of the best things about living in a golden age of horror films is that incredible movies can come from the most unexpected of places. Any studio (large or small), any talented filmmaker or performer can suddenly drop one of the best horror movies of the year; that was certainly the case with Creep, Mark Duplass’ 2015 twist on the found footage subgenre of horror films. Duplass, known as a talented no-budget filmmaker in his own right, created a memorable horror icon for next to nothing, and fans have been anxiously awaiting the sequel since it was first announced.
‘Creep 2’ First Look: Mark Duplass Is No Less Terrifying
Creep made a huge splash with its debut on Netflix in 2015, and cemented Mark Duplass as one of cinema’s most unsettling actors. The first movie generated enough buzz that Duplass has returned for a sequel, reprising his role as the serial killer obsessed with being videotaped, and has lured another potential victim to his lair. In the first image from the movie, Duplass looks terrifying as he swings that ominous locket.
Duplass Brothers HBO Anthology 'Room 104' Gets First Trailer
The Duplass brothers will find plenty of Togetherness in HBO’s Room 104, a new anthology series chronicling the occupants of one mysterious motel room. There’s plenty of stars to join them in the first trailer as well, including James Van Der Beek, Orlando Jones, Transparent star Amy Landecker and more.
Sarah Paulson Responds to That Billie Dean Howard ‘AHS: Roanoke’ Theory
For the past several years we’ve seen Sarah Paulson play some of the loudest, more extreme characters on television. Whether she’s donning a perm as Marcia Clarke, wearing two heads as Bette and Dot Tattler, or thick black eyeliner as Hypodermic Sally, Paulson is often a bold, stylized on-screen presence. But in Blue Jay, Paulson, looking like her natural self, gives a quieter performance as one of her most stripped-down characters yet.

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