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'The Crown' Season 2 Trailer Sets December Premiere
If you’re feeling an absence of prestige in your Netflix account, The Crown will come to the rescue this December. The revered Queen Elizabeth II drama has booked a winter premiere with its first Season 2 trailer and photos, adding yet another Dexter alum in a famous role.
'Doctor Who' Boss Talks Mistakes, New Companion at Christmas
It doesn’t appear as if Doctor Who will be dropping by Comic-Con 2016, but ahead of Steven Moffat’s final season, the longtime showrunner seems to be letting it all hang out. Not only does a new interview see Moffat admitting some major mistakes in both Season 7 and the Season 9 premiere, but also when we’ll finally meet Pearl Mackie’s new companion Bill.
'Doctor Who' Boards Show Eccleston in Anniversary Special
As Doctor Who fans prepare to face a new era in the sci-fi series’ history, it seems only yesterday that excitement abounded over David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor meeting Matt Smith’s Eleven for the 50th anniversary special. We’d heard that Christopher Eccleston was at least approached to return as Nine, though new storyboards revealed how the three modern doctors might have all come together.
Women Kick Ass in ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Trailer
Following the debut of the first teaser a couple of weeks ago comes the first full trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith’s mashup that combines — well, the title makes it obvious, no? Corsets, zombies, proper ladies training themselves in the art of war…it’s all just sort of delightfully bonkers. Here’s hoping the full film can live up to the insanity of the trailers.
'Terminator Genisys' Writers Tease "Multiverse" Sequels
Just yesterday it was being reported that J.K. Simmons has signed on for a couple more Terminator sequels, should Genisys do well enough to warrant them, of course. Aside from seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger fight himself, Simmons is easily one of the only enjoyable parts of the film. Another one of the enjoyable parts is Matt Smith’s character, who was hidden in promotional materials — for good reason.
'Doctor Who' Star Matt Smith Fit for Netflix's 'The Crown'
Doctor Who fans have long waited to see where Matt Smith would next head after abdicating the TARDIS (and seriously, has anyone seen him in Terminator Genisys promos yet?), and Netflix has emerged as the lucky recipient. Smith, John Lithgow and Claire Foy have all joined up for Netflix’s new prestige drama, The Crown.
'Terminator Genisys' Trailers Show Off New Footage
Ready or not, the next installment in the Terminator franchise is coming soon. This quartet of international trailers offers up new footage, and while some of it is a bit repetitive (how many times can you listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger say “I’ll be back”? Four, apparently), there are some interesting action pieces we haven’t seen before. Matt Smith is still conspicuously absent, however.
‘Harry Potter’ Spinoff Wants ‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was already going to make all of the money in the world before it set its sights on a leading man with an absurdly passionate fanbase. But now that J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter spin-off is supposedly eyeing former Doctor Who star Matt Smith to play magical animal expert Newt Scamander, this thing is going to be required viewing for everyone with even a single geeky bone in his or her body.

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