Noah Hawley

'Fargo' Season 4 Likely Happening in 2019, Says FX
The third season of Noah Hawley’s FX Fargo seemed slightly less urgent than its predecessors; a telltale sign that Hawley might move onto other projects before any possible return. That said, a fourth season might arrive sooner than we thought, as FX says Hawley has a phenomenal idea that cou…
'Louie,' 'Fargo' Season 4 and 'Anarchy' Spinoff Updates
It’s the final day of TCA press tour, and with it, FX updates are fast and furious. Network brass have either grim or wonderful news on future Louie, while Fargo Season 4 might be a few years away, and FX Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC could have a greenlight in the next few months.
Noah Hawley’s Developing a ‘Doctor Doom’ Solo Movie
One of the saddest aspects about the American film industry’s inexplicable inability to get the Fantastic Four right is the lack of a worthy cinematic representation of their primary foe, the menacing, megalomaniacal, mysterious Doctor Doom. He’s a great character, with all the gravita…
'Fargo' Boss Talks Season 4 Premiere, Character Returns
Fargo creator Noah Hawley previously suggested that “Year 3” might be the last Minnesota mayhem we get for years, and Wednesday’s finale cemented that. Find out how long Hawley plans to bench his beloved crime drama, and what other Fargo favorites very nearly popped up in Season…

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