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'Scrubs,' 'MASH,' 'and More TV Doctors Unite for New Ads
TV medical dramas are not all they once were, with Grey’s Anatomy headed into its umpteenth season, and greats like ER or M*A*S*H long since off the air, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your health. TV docs from Scrubs to House unite for a new series of adds urging people to get annual checkups.
'Falling Skies' Series Finale Was Almost Way More Sinister
Whether or not TNT’s Falling Skies succeeded in keeping its fans happy through five seasons, last night saw the Spielberg-produced alien-actioner finally wrapping things up, as Tom Mason clinched the defeat of Earth’s alien invaders. Now, showrunner David Eick discusses how the ending originally had a much more sinister tone, and what Battlestar Galactica alum snuck in a surprise cameo.
'Falling Skies' Final Season Reveals First Episode Synopses
The fifth and final season of Falling Skies will firmly close out the Stephen Spielberg alien drama’s battle for earth, but until then, we have a galaxy of questions over what befell everyone after the Season 4 finale. Thankfully, the first half of the final season has a new round of episode synopses to tease Falling Skies’ latest, while Noah Wyle suggests not everyone will emerge unscathed.
'Falling Skies' Final Season Trailer Teases Military Big Bad
The fifth and final season of TNT’s alien action drama Falling Skies hasn’t shown us very much beyond the fast-paced alien killfest it’s known for, but with a June 28 premiere only a month away, the latest spot gives us a clue who might stand in the way of ultimate victory. Find out what side the U.S. Army is on by the latest trailer for new Falling Skies!
'Falling Skies' Season 5 Trailer Goes for Alien Overkill
The Skies will Fall for good in Season 5, now that TNT’s Spielberg-produced alien actioner will finally bring the battle for Earth to a close. We’ve seen one spooky teaser, but it’s all-out war as Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass. bring overkill against the Skitters in Falling Skies Season 5's first official footage.
Falling Skies Season 5: TNT Renews for Final 2015 Season
TNT alien actioner 'Falling Skies' underwent something of a makeover going into its fourth season, with David Eick tapped as the new showrunner, while a story shakeup divided the cast. Now, it seems the Noah Wyle alien drama's changes were in fact a chrysalis, as TNT has renewed the series for a fifth, and decidedly final season to air in 2015. Plus, what other TNT series have been renewed?
'Falling Skies' Review: "Evolve or Die"
‘Falling Skies’ season 4 rains down its 4th episode of the year with “Evolve or Die,” which sees Tom and Weaver make a horrifying discovery on a mission to liberate Matt, while Pope makes a new friend on the road, and Hal tests out his leadership abilities.
'Falling Skies' Review: "Exodus"
‘Falling Skies’ season 4 rains down its 3rd episode of the year with the “Exodus,” in which Tom and the others put to action their plan to escape the Espheni ghetto, while Maggie forces a confrontation with Alexis (Scarlette Byrne), and Anne comes to a shocking realization of her daughter's origins.
‘Falling Skies’ Season Premiere Review: “Ghost in the Machine”
‘Falling Skies’ season 4 rains down its 1st episode of the year with the season 4 premiere “Ghost in the Machine,” as a vicious attack scatters the 2nd Massachusetts, placing Tom and others in a Skitter-controlled ghetto, while Matt languishes in a reeducation camp, and Ben discovers a shocking evolution for the ever-mysterious Alexis (Scarlette Byrne)...

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