Patrick Melton

'Halloween' Sequel Gets Official Title and Director
We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a new installment in the Halloween franchise for quite some time now, but today brings official word on the future of the series. The newest installment has been formally titled Halloween Returns, with The Collector director Marcus Dunstan attached to co-wri…
New 'Halloween' Movie Hires 'Saw' Writers
Remake. Reboot. Reimagining. All of these words we use to describe taking an old property and making it new again. Well now you can add “recalibration” to the list of the creative ways people try to explain what is, essentially, a remake. The writing team behind four of the seven …
'The Collection' Review
Collaborators Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are back with a sequel to their 2009 film 'The Collector'; but where that film felt tight, focused and atmospheric, 'The Collection' perhaps expands its world a little too much and feels a bit deflated.