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‘Avatar’ Poll: Are You Still Excited for the Sequels?
Yesterday, it was announced that our future stay in Pandora will be longer than expected. Three sequels to the James Cameron blockbuster 'Avatar' are currently being prepared, with the first expected to drop in 2016. But this begs the question: are you still even excited about returni…
‘Pacific Rim 2′ Poll: Are You Interested in a Sequel?
One of the most talked-about movies of the summer is 'Pacific Rim,' which seemed like the ultimate fanboy movie leading up to its release but has failed to light up the domestic box office (despite plenty of enthusiastic notices from movie geeks and critics alike). However, thanks to a surge in over…
‘X-Men’ Poll: Is the Franchise Fading?
This past weekend, 'The Wolverine' made headlines for all the wrong reasons with a $55 million domestic opening that has been deemed a disappointment in just about every way. This leads us to wonder: is the 'X-Men' franchise coming close to extinction?
Comic-Con Poll: What Was the Most Exciting News?
Another San Diego Comic-Con is in the books, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop talking about it, especially after the many "holy crap!" moments and awesome revelations this one had to offer. From the Batman/Superman team-up to the title of 'The Avengers …

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