Reel Women

Reel Women: Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway?
We can all agree that Anne Hathaway is a gifted actress and a delight to watch on screen, but apparently many of you hate her off-screen persona -- an issue that calls to mind similar, recent complaints about Beyonce in her HBO documentary. And an issue that I don't agree with.
Reel Women: Are Romantic Comedies and Porn That Different?
'Don Jon's Addiction,' the directorial debut from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, explores the ways in which rom-coms and porn might both be creating unreasonable expectations for women and men alike -- but neither form of media is mutually gender exclusive and both can be damaging, if we allow…
Reel Women: ‘Sexy Baby’ and Unrealistic Expectations
The new documentary 'Sexy Baby' tracks the lives of three different women and the way that our hyper-sexual media and culture has shaped, or is shaping, their lives. The film explores the digestive nature of media and what it is we leave behind to teach emerging generations of young women.

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