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Riz Ahmed Appreciates Ed Skrein Exiting the ‘Hellboy’ Movie
Ed Skrein’s casting into and then exit from the new Hellboy movie was a surprising, but necessary act of solidarity with his non-white comrades in the movie industry. Skrein admitted, in his statement, that he wasn’t aware that the character in question, Major Ben Daimio, was a person of color in Mike Mignola’s comics, and also said that he hoped the movie could find a different actor who better fit the bill.
Riz Ahmed May Join Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’
Riz Ahmed, coming hot off his star-making appearance in Charli XCX’s “Boys” music video (oh, and he was in a Star War last year, too), has begun the process of booking another high-profile role. Though confirmation has yet to come in, Deadline reports that the actor has entered the negotiations stage of taking a part in the upcoming Venom solo film. He has not committed to anything at present, but he’s now poised to join Tom Hardy in the film that is said to be completely separate from the main Spider-Man, and most definitely not a sequel to Life. Remember Life?
Riz Ahmed Send 14 Different ‘Rogue One’ Audition Tapes
For most actors — and, just, people in general — getting a part in a Star Wars movie seems like a dream. It’s the kind of opportunity that makes an actor sweat about getting their lines right in their audition tapes, or send videos of, say, 14 different versions of the character to the director to show their range. Riz Ahmed, who played cargo pilot Bodhi Rook, was maybe a little overly enthusiastic during the audition process.
Riz Ahmed Almost Played an Entirely Different Character in ‘Rogue One’
If you didn’t already guess by the Star Wars news this week, Rogue One was almost very different. Ahead of the film’s digital video release on Friday, Entertainment Weekly has been dropping tons of exclusives about the spinoff that could’ve been. We learned that Darth Vader almost killed off a major character, the film’s original happier ending, then another crazy alternate ending, and a backstory for Jyn’s mom. Today brings news not of a scrapped scene, but a scrapped character.
'Girls' Final Season Press Releases Reveal New Guest Stars
The sixth and final season of HBO’s Girls pulled a fast one announcing that Rogue One and all-around everywhere actor Riz Ahmed would drop by the final season, but consider all cats out of their respective bags. The season synopsis and first three episodes reveal the full complement of guests, including returnees like Corey Stoll, and newbies like Matthew Rhys, Tracey Ullman and more.

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