Robert Zemeckis

'Jetsons' Live-Action Series Coming From Robert Zemeckis
Modern takes on the classic Hanna-Barbera toons have had trouble getting off the ground, but The Jetsons may literally rise above. Reports indicate a new live-action version of the far-out future family is gearing up for Warner Bros., executive produced by someone with a little Future experience.
Sam Raimi and Marc Webb Passed on Directing ‘The Flash’
Following yesterday’s reports that Robert Zemeckis and Kingsman’s Matthew Vaughn are at the top of WB’s list of possible directors for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie comes another big newsflash for fans of The Flash (sorry): While Zemeckis is still heavily rumored to …
Zemeckis and Vaughn Are the Frontrunners for ‘The Flash’
Almost as many people have tried to direct a movie version of The Flash as have worn the costume in the comics and called themselves the Fastest Man Alive. About a decade ago, an early version of the film was in development with directors like Shawn Levy and David Dobkin. Later, Seth Grahame-Smith c…

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