Rupert Friend

'Homeland' Star Confirms THAT Character Is Really Dead
Homeland came to a quieter close than usual this year (kind of hard to top the real-life political circus), but with it, the Showtime drama seemingly said goodbye to one of its own … again. This time around, said star at least confirms the character gave their life, and reflects on the big sh…
'Homeland' Boss Explains Quinn's Season 6 Return
Homeland fans with Showtime subscriptions have likely checked out the Season 6 premiere, in which a certain character’s fate is rather quickly revealed. Now, ahead of the official premiere, showrunners and stars explain why [SPOILER] is still kicking, and what it means for the series overall.
Homeland' Season 6 Releases Premiere Online Early
Homeland made waves with the news that Season 6 would bypass 2016 altogether, but it seems Carrie & co. found a way to sneak us some early intel. Watch the full January premiere right now, find out what happened to Quinn, and see what brings Homeland Season 6 to New York City!
'Homeland' Season 6 Trailer Teases Quinn's Return
If ever you thought that Homeland Season 6 might prove less topical by its election of a female President, think again. The delicate transition of power is on full display in the first full trailer, featuring the threat of homegrown terrorism and our first hint of Quinn in the new footage.
'Homeland' Season 6 Pretty Much Confirms Quinn's Return
Homeland Season 5 deliberately left us on an ambiguous note regarding Rupert Friend’s fan-favorite Quinn, and news that Carrie would relocate to New York for Season 6 kept up our curiosity. Showtime offered a few cryptic teases, yes, but now seemingly confirms that Rupert Friend will be back …

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