Netflix Boss Wants to Cancel More TV Series
It’s admittedly rare of Netflix to pull the plug on original series after one season, but with recent cuts like The Get Down (and potentially Sense8), the safety … well, net might finally have holes. According to a new interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the streaming service might be getting a bit more strict with its renewals.
'Sense8' Star Hints at Season 3 Renewal Chances
Few would argue that Netflix’s Sense8 is an ambitious production, even if said ambition put close to two years and millions of dollars between seasons. A third season was looking good, though star Brian J. Smith now sounds the alarm for fans to tweet support, while others claim Season 3 could be the last.
'Sense8' Season 3 in Talks as Cast Negotiations Resume
The Sense8 Christmas special definitely served as an effective refresher in time for Season 2's premiere, though May will mark nearly two years since the series first debuted. As such, cast options for future seasons apparently lapsed months ago, though Netflix has now taken to renewing contracts, likely signaling a Season 3 renewal.

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