'Shameless' S6 and 'Billions' to Premiere Early Online
The well seems to have run pretty dry for new TV in 2015, so Showtime will step in to give its 2016 lineup an early jump. Not only will Shameless fans be able to catch the Season 6 premiere as early as New Years Day, and without a Showtime subscription at that, but so too will the network release hi…
Showtime's 'Billions' Gets January Premiere, New Trailer
Just before Comic-Con 2015, Showtime’s Damian Lewis-Paul Giamatti financial drama Billions opened up the books for its first trailer, and with the network on the march at TCA, we know have a full premiere with a brand-new trailer. Billions will debut alongside Shameless Season 6 in 2016, but …
Showtime Streaming Offers Bundle with Hulu
Showtime surprised relatively few in getting in on the cord-cutting game with its own independent streaming service, aptly-enough titled “Showtime,” though now the (former) pay-cable network has taken things one step further to create a Hulu bundle.
The Best TV Shows of 2014
Top 10 lists rank among the more unusual aspects of movie and TV criticism, and as my colleagues Ryan McGee, Matt Singer, and Mike Sampson’s own 2014 favorites will attest, the end-of-year celebration format brings with it a unique mixture of personal favorites and artistic jugg…

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