'Sharknado' 5 Targets 'Global Swarming' With Full Cameo List
Global Warming remains a very real threat to the world, but minor bright side – we don’t have flying sharks to deal with (yet). Not so for Sharknado, which winds into a fifth movie with a new Global Swarming subtitle, and a list of cameos from Fabio, to Tony Hawk, Kathy Lee Gifford and even a Game of Thrones White Walker.
'Sharknado 5' Starts International Production at Syfy
In all the chaos of recent months, you’d be forgiven to find the satire of Sharknado quaint at this point. Nonetheless, flying sharks will spread equally worldwide with a fifth installment of Syfy’s signature film, taking stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid on an international production.
'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' Trailer Brings Robots Vs. Shark
The third in the Sharknado franchise (a real phrase I just typed) already took us to space, so how might The 4th Awakens top it? Anything you can imagine, whether fire-nados, cow-nados, Chippendales dancers crotch-thrusting sharks to the ground, and of course, giant chainsaws and mech suits. Don’t believe us? See the trailer for yourself.
'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' Gets a 'Star Wars'-Style Poster
We probably should have seen coming that Syfy’s fourth Sharknado outing The 4th Awakens would look to capitalize on the annual Star Wars day, and if ever you thought a galaxy far, far away could use some flying sharks, today’s your day. Take a look at the Force Awakens-style poster for Sharknado’s next storm, along with the full roster of C-list cameos!

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