Silent Hill

Norman Reedus Revealed in New 'Silent Hill' Video Game
Guillermo del Toro is one of the busiest men in Hollywood, working on everything from his horror film 'Crimson Peak' to 'Pacific Rim 2' to even conceiving scripts for projects not officially signed off on, like his 'Justice League Dark.' Now, the master of the fantastic…
Cosplay of the Week: Pyramid Head From 'Silent Hill'
You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who wasn't disappointed with 'Silent Hill: Revelation,' but to the film's credit, it certainly got Pyramid Head right. The iconic villain from the 'Silent Hill' movie series and video game franchise is one of the most visually striking and terrifying horror char…
'Silent Hill' Cosplay
Okay, so maybe this 'Silent Hill' nurse is what the doctor ordered if the doctor was a scary psycho-killer, but we love this cosplay just the same.