Spike Jonze

‘Her’ Review
Technology is a duplicitous wonder: it vastly connects us to people, places, and things beyond our reach, but limits our interactions with the people right in front of us. It allows us an additional layer of protection and evasiveness, while giving us the freedom to be whoever we want to be while hi…
Spike Jonze’s Latest Gets a Title and Synopsis
Can anyone top producer Megan Ellison's production company, Annapurna, when it comes to having terrific taste in filmmakers? Case in point: the Coen brothers' 'True Grit,' Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master,' John Hillcoat's 'Lawless,' Wong Kar-wai's 'The Grandmasters,' Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark …
Spike Jonze’s New Film Gets Olivia Wilde
It's hard not to be excited for a new Spike Jonze film, especially after such greats as 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Adaptation.' His latest is filled with great actors, and it looks like Olivia Wilde has just been added to the mix.
Watch the Maurice Sendak Documentary Produced by Adam Yauch
It's not unusual to have two talented and famous people die in the same week: it's the old "death in threes" theory. But what is unusual is to have two people die in a week who very recently collaborated. Sadly, such is the case this week as the world lost the considerable talents of both …

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