Star Trek 4

Zachary Quinto Says There Are No ‘Star Trek 4’ Guarantees
Despite being supported by a blindingly charismatic cast and some of the best action directors in the business, Paramount’s Star Trek franchise has somewhat been an exercise in diminishing returns after 2009’s big screen reboot. Last year’s Star Trek Beyond may have captured some of the fun of a standalone episode of the series, but it was a surprising disappointment with audiences: the film’s $158 million gross was nearly $100 million less than the first entry in the series and failed to break even on the studios $185 million investment. Those are the kind of numbers that make a studio think long and hard about investing in a sequel.
J.J. Abrams Calls the Next ‘Star Trek’ Script ‘Amazing’
Does it seem rude to talk about the next Star Trek movie while Star Trek Beyond is still in theaters? I sort of feel bad. While Matt Singer may have enjoyed the movie a little more than me, Star Trek Beyond is still a pretty fun ride and deserves at least a few days of appreciation before we move right along to the next thing. Part of me feels like I’m going over to my coworker’s desk the day he announces his retirement so I can pick through his things and claim them for my own cubicle. Then again, maybe if my coworker didn’t want his stuff stolen, he shouldn’t have announced his retirement so early. So that makes it J.J. Abrams’s fault.
Anton Yelchin Will Not Be Recast in Future ‘Star Trek’ Films
It may seem a bit soon to be discussing the future of a franchise when the latest installment hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but the early buzz surrounding Star Trek Beyond is so positive that Paramount has already announced plans for Star Trek 4. Following the recent, tragic passing of Anton Yelchin, some fans have wondered how the Trek universe will address that loss, and producer J.J. Abrams has an answer.

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