The Blues Brothers

Remembering Carrie Fisher’s Greatest Moments
Of all the celebrity deaths in 2016, Carrie Fisher’s might hurt the worst. At 60 years old, she was still a young woman; she should have had many great performances, books, and scripts ahead of her. And with her recent work in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it seemed like she was finally getting her due as an actor, after years spent in the spotlight as an author and activist.
'Blues Brothers' Animated Series in Development Again
Ever one to let sleeping properties lie, Dan Aykroyd is at last dragging The Blues Brothers out of retirement (again), and into the animated world. The former SNL bit will return as a new primetime animated series shepherded by Aykroyd, in search of music, truth, justice and “a better breakfast sandwich.”
Think You Know ‘SNL’ Movies? Watch This Video!
These days 'SNL' movies are a bit few and far between (come on, 'MacGruber 2'!), but at least some of their success lives on with legendary classics like 'Wayne's World or 'The Blues Brothers.' There have been 11 'SNL' movies total over the course of the last 40 years, but how well do you think you know the late-night sketch comedy legend's cinematic history? Test your knowledge with the latest installment of ‘You Think You Know Movies?‘
Dan Aykroyd Announces ‘Blues Brothers’ Animated Series
Boy, that Dan Aykroyd sure keeps himself busy, doesn't he?  When he's not desperately trying to revive the 'Ghostbusters' franchise or literally chasing the supernatural (seriously, he does that), it seems the former 'Saturday Night Live' star has set his sights on yet another old property to revive - but through exactly what medium?