The Expendables 3

'The Expendables 3' is the third movie in the popular 'Expendables' franchise. For the final movie, Sylvester Stallone has brought along even more action heroes including Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage and Milla Jovovich and a villain that is rumored to be Mel Gibson.

  • Release Date: August 15, 2014
  • Director: Patrick Hughes
  • Written By: TBD


He'll Never Rest
Arnold Schwarzenegger must be feeling pretty sequel-friendly lately: first came those persistent reports that he was working on 'Twins 2,' then he announced that he'd be back for 'Terminator 5,' and now he's confirmed his return for 'The Expendables 3.'
'EX 3' Villain Revealed?
With 'The Expendables 3' already casting every washed-up actor in the history of ever, it should come as no surprise that Sylvester Stallone is apparently courting Mel Gibson. It's a development that Stallone has teased before, but now the Oscar-winning actor and director is rumo…
'Expendables 3' Casts Up!
The 'Expendables' franchise is built entirely on the idea that watching a whole bunch of movie stars (from former legends to C-listers) kill a whole bunch of people will make for a good time at the movies. Franchise star and chief creative voice Sylvester Stallone has promised that 'The Expendables …
‘Expendables 3′ to Add Antonio Banderas?
Just when you thought that the 'Expendables' franchise couldn't pull another action icon into its ensemble, Sylvester Stallone jumps on Twitter and announces that the one and only Antonio Banderas could be joining the cast of the upcoming 'The Expendables 3.'
Meet the 'Expendables 3' Director
For those of you who haven't been keeping tabs with Sylvester Stallone's buzzing Twitter activity, the 'Expendables' mainstay stated that he found someone to direct the upcoming 'Expendables 3.' Though for a while he failed to give us any clues as to whom that might be.…
‘Expendables 3′ Director is…Mel Gibson?
About a month ago, Sylvester Stallone started working on the script for 'Expendables 3' which he said needed "new blood and new humor." How about this for new blood? Stallone is floating the name of an Oscar-winning director for 'Expendables 3'...Mr. Mel Gibson.

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