The Great Gatsby

2014 Oscar Contender?
A would-be writer settles in Long Island from the Midwest and is drawn into his millionaire neighbor's lavish and deceit-filled lifestyle.
Gatsby's Back!
'The Great Gatsby' has returned with its first ever TV spot, following a brief hiatus in promotions while Warner Bros. got its act together. But one thing remains the same -- this looks like it'll be the party of the year!
Jay-Z Writes Movie Score?
We've already seen the heavy use of Jay-Z in the new 'Great Gatsby' trailer and it looks like that won't be all we see (or hear) of HOVA and 'Gatsby.' It turns out Jay will composing original music for the 'Great Gatsby' score.
'The Great Gatsby' Trailer
If things went according to plan, Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby' would be hitting theaters next week on Christmas Day, and we might be having a conversation about how Leonardo DiCaprio could be up for both the Best Actor and Supporting Actor Oscar. Instead, the picture moved to May, and we're a l…
‘The Great Gatsby’ May be Troubled
When 'The Great Gatsby' moved from Christmas 2012 to Summer 2013, it didn't seem all that troubling. For one, star Leonardo DiCaprio had another picture opening the same day, and Warner Brothers has a big Oscar slate already ('Argo,' 'Cloud Atlas,' 'The Hobbit' to name a few). But the latest rumors …

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