The Killing

‘The Killing’ Review: “Try”
'The Killing' returns with another new episode tonight, in which Linden goes for a lengthy car ride, Bullet betrays Holder's trust, and Seward still holds out for hope that he can prove himself innocent before his march to the gallows. "Try" is yet another in a series of strong episodes fo…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Hope Kills”
"Nobody misses them or goes looking for them. They're the throwaways of the world," says Pastor Mike (aptly) of the murdered teen girls on tonight's new episode of 'The Killing.' "That's what the killer's thinking too," responds Holde…
'The Killing' review
Tonight's all new episode of 'The Killing' introduces us to a possible second suspect, while Ray Seward continues to count down the days until his execution and Linden struggles to prove to Skinner that the death row inmate isn't responsible for his wife's murder.
Exclusive Look at 'The Killing'
‘The Killing‘ season 3 has thrown another curveball with a new victim for detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) to investigate, but their entry into "Eminent Domain" may not yield all the answers yet. Sunday’s all-new episode will see the two inching ever closer to u…
'The Killing' review
The search for Kallie Leeds continues on tonight's new episode of 'The Killing,' in which Bullet becomes a junior detective and we get a little up close and personal with the guy who might have abducted Kallie.
'The Killing' Review: "Head Shots"
'The Killing' spins its wheels this week and seems to get back into old habits as Linden and Holder continue the search for Kallie Leeds, while her vagrant friends continue to show us how rough it is on the streets.
Exclusive Look at 'The Killing'
'The Killing' season 3 has officially drawn Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) back to the force, but it will take a few "Head Shots" before she works a case with Holder (Joel Kinnaman) again. Sunday's all-new episode will see the two pursuing leads together to investigate Kallie Leeds' disa…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Seventeen”
There's a whole lot of dead bodies on 'The Killing,' which means a whole lot of reasons for Sarah Linden to come out of retirement and get this investigation rolling, but she's got a few obstacles once she returns to the force.
'The Killing' Review
'The Killing' returns with a new season and a whole new case -- this time, someone is out there killing wayward teenage prostitutes, and it might just be a someone Linden's encountered before.

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