The Last Exorcism Part 2

Weekend Box Office Report
'Jack the Giant Slayer' may have taken the number one spot at the box office, but no one is celebrating -- it may sit at the top, but it sits at the top of one of the weakest box office weekends since, well, last weekend.
'Last Exorcism 2'
'The Last Exorcism Part 2' is in theaters today, but if you need any extra convincing to go see it, the film's opening scene has made its way online for your viewing pleasure. Out of context, the scene doesn't make too much sense and functions as more of a mood piece than anythin…
'The Last Exorcism Part II' Review
This review contains spoilers for 'The Last Exorcism' -- though not for 'The Last Exorcism Part II.'
Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell), the heroine of 'The Last Exorcism,' was a great tragic figure; a sweet, innocent girl inexplicably hounded by a nefarious cult and a vicious demon named Abalam. With 'The …
New 'The Last Exorcism 2' Trailer
Just when you thought 'The Last Exorcism' meant "the last exorcism," here comes 'Part 2.' Ashley Bell returns in the second flick following the events of the first as the demonically possessed Nell Sweetzer, who you can see in the all-new trailer.
'The Last Exorcism 2' Trailer
Since most horror movies either spawn or prepare for a sequel, the makers of 'The Last Exorcism' have likely been kicking themselves since the first film's release. The 2010 film made over $40 Million at the box office, so now there's a sequel called 'The Last Exorcism Part …