The Lone Ranger

‘The Lone Ranger’ Teases With a New Image
Considering the loud drum beat some franchise pictures have already made for their summer releases (think of how many 'Iron Man 3' TV spots, posters, etc. have been released), the lead up to this summer's 'The Lone Ranger' has been relatively quiet so far. Perhaps that'…
'The Lone Ranger'
Though audiences may not be quite as excited for 'The Lone Ranger' as they are for 'Iron Man 3' or 'Fast and Furious 6,' we think this 'Lone Ranger' Super Bowl trailer could change their mind.
All the Super Bowl Movie Trailers!
Even if you're not into football, chances are you'll watch the big game just to see the 2013 Super Bowl movie trailers. It's that time of year when many studios like to give us a new or first look at some of the biggest movies of the year and the 2013 Super Bowl will be no different. …

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