The Promise

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Fate of the Furious’ Wins a Turbulent Weekend
In a week devoid of any major releases, we still saw some major changes at the box office, with familiar faces like Kong: Skull Island, Power Rangers, and Get Out (RIP) all falling from the Top 10 in favor of new releases or aggressively expanding art films. Of course, not everything was different; if you read these box office reports every weekend, I’ll bet you can name the top three movies (in order) with minimal effort. Here’s the weekend box office projections as of Sunday afternoon:
Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac Are Romantic Rivals in ‘The Promise’ Trailer
Imagine that both handsome, rakish doctor Oscar Isaac and well-to-do bearded reporter Christian Bale are fighting for your hand in marriage. With two such dashing suitors fawning over you, it’d take something huge to spoil it, something like... a genocide. The new trailer for historical romance drama The Promise has all that and more, featuring a tortured courtship with nothing less than the epic sweep of militaristic annihilation for a backdrop. That, and Oscar Isaac’s handsome, permanently-stubbled face. In the parlance of Hollywood executives, that makes this a ‘four quadrant’ picture.
Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale in ‘The Promise’ Trailer
TIFF is the unofficial kickoff for awards season, and we’ve already seen some very promising trailers this week. None more promising, however, than The Promise, which sees Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale go up against the Ottoman Empire-instigated Armenian genocide in the 1910s. An Oscar for Oscar might not be too far off.