Toronto International Film Festival

‘Battle of the Sexes’ Directors Hope Their Movie Starts Political Conversations
If your mind starts to wander back to the 2016 presidential election while watching Emma Stone’s Billie Jean King face-off with Steve Carrell’s Bobby Riggs in Battle of the Sexes, you wouldn’t be alone. The film details the events leading up to the famous titular 1973 match, which found Riggs, a burnt-out tennis champ and self-proclaimed “chauvinist pig,” challenging the world’s number one female
‘Three Billboards’ Takes Home the Top TIFF Audience Prize
In case it was lost in the midst of the Hollywood shuffle and kerfuffle, we spent the better part of last week wandering the mean streets of Toronto in search of quality cinema. That means we attended the Toronto International Film Festival and reviewed some of the key movies that’ll be hitting theaters in the next couple of months. And while most critics have returned home to frantically finish their last few reviews and recaps, the festival itself did not officially wrap until today, with the festival organizers announcing their winners at the closing ceremony earlier today.

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