Trey Parker

‘South Park’ Sets September Premiere for Season 19
Like SNL, too much hilarity has cycled through the news in the last few months alone, not to have South Park back in our lives. Thankfully, that long national nightmare is over, as in addition to the recent renewals, South Park has officially set a September return date to Comedy Central.
Comedy Central Renews ‘South Park’ Through 2019
South Park will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, which is today’s reminder that you’re old and have been watching crudely animated children swear at each other for nearly two decades now. The venerable series, which made Comedy Central a serious player and gave popular culture…
‘South Park’ Creators Talk Renewal Beyond 2016
However infrequently South Park arrives each year, many begin to wonder how much longer the talents of Trey Parker and Matt Stone will keep the series in play at Comedy Central. We’ve certainly been through some reassurance before, but will the 20th season in 2016 mark the official end? Says …
The 25 Best Comedy Movies of the Last 25 Years
April Fools’ Day is an occasion marked by silliness. Many websites choose to celebrate by tricking their readers with goofy pranks. But for every one of these hoaxes that’s funny, there are ten more that are terrible (plus our budget would not allow us to turn the site into ScreenFlush…

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