Twin Peaks

The Criterion Collection Announces October 2017 Titles
We are living in the peak era of Twin Peaks. In addition to David Lynch’s riveting television revival (which will inevitably become the best series of 2017, don’t @ me), the iconic filmmaker’s cult classic prequel film is coming to The Criterion Collection this October. Also joi…
All The Funko TV SDCC 2017 Exclusives, And Where to Find Them
The good thing about Funko having a hand in as many licenses as it does is that it gives properties that would otherwise be deemed too niche a chance to have some collectibles. As good as Westworld and Stranger Things are, there's just not a lot of market interest for a wide and diverse line of…
The Best TV Shows of 2017 (So Far)
Six of the choices from last year either delayed airdates or ended outright, so let’s do some damage before Emmy season! ScreenCrush carves through 2017’s most memorable for all the Tales, Lies, Dicks and Unfortunate Events that had our TVs buzzing.

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