Sam Esmail Will Write, Direct Bermuda Triangle Movie
The Bermuda Triangle is one of those places that will forever be shrouded in mystery as scientists and physicists and marine biologists and historians try and fail to come up with reasons for the strange activity found within that infamous patch of the Caribbean. It’s material ripe for a movie, and Universal wants to bring a mysterious project, written and possibly directed by Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail to the big screen.
Universal is Ready to Form a Live-Action Voltron Movie
When Universal bought DreamWorks Animation back in August, the studio came with a bunch of prospective projects to sort through. One of these, which has been in development for a while, is a live-action Voltron movie started by Jeffrey Katzenberg when he was heading DreamWorks. As it turns out, Universal is into the idea, and now the movie officially has a script penned by David Hayter of X-Men fame.
Kevin Smith 'Mallrats' Becoming TV Series, Instead of Sequel
Just when you thought Kevin Smith’s burgeoning TV career with the likes of The Flash or Buckaroo Banzai would put a few long-dormant film projects to rest, Mallrats is ready to offer another chocolate-covered pretzel. The director reveals that in lieu of a proposed sequel, he and Universal are closing a deal to revive Mallrats as a new 10-episode TV series.
Comcast Negotiating DreamWorks Animation Buyout for Over $3 Billion
The adult version of realizing Santa Claus is not real is the revelation that pretty much everything on Earth is owned by one of a small handful of multinational conglomerates. Trace the corporate parentage of any major entertainment enterprise back far enough, and unless it travels the rocky road of independent operation, it’ll inevitably lead to one of six megastudios...
'Riddick' TV Series Confirmed With Vin Diesel Universal Deal
Back in November, Vin Diesel announced both a new Riddick movie and potential Merc City tie-in TV series in the most Vin Diesel way possible: saying literally anything over social media, and having it so. Welp, consider a small-screen Riddick a reality, as Diesel’s new development deal with Universal TV confirms a series going to market.
Spielberg’s DreamWorks May Move Over to Universal
For several years now, Steven Spielberg’s production company DreamWorks has partnered with Disney to distribute their films, while Spielberg has been free to produce and direct films with and for other studios. But a major change is brewing, as DreamWorks is cutting free from Disney next year with the studio eyeing a leap over to Universal. This seems like a basic corporate maneuver, but with that change could come something that either excites or terrifies you: reboots of properties like Jaws and Back to the Future.

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