Valiant Comics

Russo Bros Set 'Quantum and Woody' Series Post-'Avengers'
The Russo brothers have no shortage of TV projects to complement their film work with Avengers: Infinity War and beyond, between Hulu’s Warriors and a Showtime weed comedy. The latest returns them to the small-screen yet again, as the ex-Community directors look to adapt Valiant’s Quantum and Woody, the “world’s worst super-duo.”
'Ninjak' Debuts in Live-Action With First Valiant Photo
The world is never lacking for new comic heroes to enter live-action, and we can finally cross Ninjak off the list. Valiant Comics’ stealthiest hero will star in his own digital series led by Arrow alum Michael Rowe, the first photos and details of which have arrived before New York Comic-Con.
Valiant Comics Is Getting Into the Cinematic Universe Game
X-O Manowar. Harbinger. Bloodshot. Archer & Armstrong. Shadowman. These are the heroes of the Valiant Universe. In the 1990s, they were some of the hottest properties in all of comics. With top-notch talent and huge amounts of buzz, Valiant became a legitimate challenger to the dominance of the big two publishers, Marvel and DC. Their first issues (along with their fancy-schmancy chromium covers) became enormous collector’s items, and their series dominated the sales charts. Valiant was eventually sold to Acclaim, who later shuttered the imprint, but in 2012 Valiant returned from a new publisher with relaunched series and it’s been steadily growing ever since. So it’s next area of growth, naturally, is movies.