WGN's 'Salem' Officially Canceled After Season 3
WGN America’s Salem may have broken the barrier for original dramas at the network (now flourishing with Underground and Outsiders), but the witch trials had to end eventually. So it is, that the occult Salem will officially brew its last with Season 3, ending the series altogether.
Nielsen Ratings Finally Analyzing Netflix, Hulu Viewer Data
As Hannibal fans this weekend (and billions of others before them) can attest, too long has the antiquated Nielsen ratings system given an incomplete picture of a show’s viewership, swaying networks to and fro of cancellation. We may finally have some progress however, as Nielsen will begin taking into account streaming data from the likes of Hulu, Netflix and beyond.
WGN's 'Manhattan' Trailer Teases New Atomic Bomb Drama
We were at least intrigued to see what the WGN America network conjured up with its first original scripted series, 'Salem,' particularly after getting a chance to visit the set, but its second original drama, 'Manhattan,' looks to have a lot more power behind it. Witness the drama behind the creation of the atomic bomb with the first trailer for WGN America's original series 'Manhattan'!
'Salem' Renewed For a Second Season
We had the chance to visit the set of WGN America's first original scripted drama 'Salem,' where it was abundantly clear the network intended to support its witchy period drama through thick and thin. That rings true today as well, now that WGN has officially announced a second season order for 'Salem.'
WGN’s ‘Salem’ Producers Talk ‘Exorcist’ Inspirations, Season 2 Structure and More From the Set
WGN's witchy new drama 'Salem' premiered this past Sunday with impressive ratings, though the pilot was only the beginning for producers Brannon Braga and David Von Ancken. We visited the set last month for the inside scoop and spoke with the cast on the sinful secrets of their characters, but what do Braga, Von Ancken and set designer Seth Reed have to say of their inspiration for 'Salem,' as wel
'Salem' Cast Interviews From the Set
Last night saw the witchy debut of WGN's first original scripted series, 'Salem,' a supernatural new take on the infamous Salem witch trials from '24' producer Brannon Braga. We visited the spooky set to uncover all manner of details on the productions, also getting the sinful details from cast members Shane West, Janet Montgomery, 'Arrow''s Seth Gabel and more!
From the Set of 'Salem'
It was an exceptionally seasonable March afternoon in Louisiana that a group of reporters piled into a bus headed through rural Louisiana toward the exterior 'Salem' set in Grand Cane, located in a farmland forest that entirely concealed the grandeur within. Mind you, I’d never been on an exterior set visit for such an elaborate period drama, let alone one that constructed a working town of 25 ext
WGN's 'Salem' adds 'Avatar' Baddie Stephen Lang to its Cast
Sunday night will see the debut of WGN America's first original scripted drama in the the witchy period piece 'Salem,' and while yesterday brought the first full trailer, and tomorrow we'll take you straight to the set, there's exciting news today. 'Avatar' and 'Terra Nova' star Stephen Lang has officially joined the cast in a recurring role, but is he friend or foe?
WGN’s ‘Salem’ Conjures First Full Trailer: “There is Something Worse Than a Witch Hunt…A Witch!”
This Sunday, WGN America will take its first leap into original scripted programming with the premiere of witchy new period drama 'Salem,' focusing on the titular 17th century witch hunts with a cast that includes the likes of Shane West ('Nikita'), Janet Montgomery ('Made in Jersey'), and Seth Gabel ('Arrow'). We've seen the horrors for ourselves on the set, but check out the first full trailer f