William Friedkin

Where Did All the Great Movie Car Chases Go?
With this week’s release of The Fate of the Furious, we thought it’d be a fun time to do one of our occasional lists of the 25 best films of the last 25 years in a certain category. In the past we’ve done the best sci-fi movies, the best romances, the best sex scenes, and others…
10 Facts About ‘The Exorcist’ to Make Your Head Spin
Warner Bros. asked Stanley Kubrick to direct the film, but he turned it down. (Things worked out pretty well with director William Friedkin in charge anyway.) That’s just one of the many facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which looks at one of the scariest horr…
MPAA Upholds NC-17 Rating for ‘Killer Joe’
The MPAA is becoming quite fond of this NC-17 rating as of late; first they uphold the rating on the Weinstein's awareness doc 'Bully,' and now they refuse to overturn their initial rating of the latest William Friedkin film, 'Killer Joe.'