World War Z

'World War Z' sequel
It hasn't even completed its opening weekend, and producers are already looking forward to a 'World War Z 2,' thanks to a hefty box office take of $66 million -- and Brad Pitt, of course.
'World War Z' Review
The title is 'World War Z,' but I can think up two other letters: "O" and "K."
'World War Z' is okay because it zips along with the fury of a computer-generated cascade of fast zombies. 'World War Z' is okay because Brad Pitt is a great leading man, even if his character has no de…
The Killer Elite
Zombies have been a serious part of the cinematic landscape for nearly half a century, but they're only now really hitting the big time.
Get to the chopper!
'World War Z' hits theaters this weekend, and Paramount wants to make sure you're good and pumped for it. The studio has released a brand new extended clip from the film, featuring Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane making a daring rooftop escape with his family in tow, including 'The K…

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