With 'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 soon to return actor Donal Logue to FX for another season as his mysteriously villainous character Lee Toric, Logue recently took to a Reddit AMA to answer fan questions, many of which pertained to Logue's canceled cult classic series 'Terriers.' Surprisingly, Logue opened up about the ambiguous ending that closed the series back in 2010, and the "realistic" possibility for a second season.

Via Pajiba, we've learned that Donal Logue answered fan questions about the series finale with a surprising resolution. For those unfamiliar with the series (and worried about spoilers, look away now), the first and only season of the Ted Griffin-helmed series ended on an ambiguous note of Hank Dolworth (Logue) driving his partner Britt Pollack ('Once Upon a Time' and 'Walking Dead' star Michael Raymond-James) to surrender for a prison stint, but leaving the option for both to make a run to the border.

Rather than allow the mystery to linger, or play out in a potential revival, Logue flatly answered a fan question saying “britt went to prison- had to go down like that.” Of course, that isn't to say that a revival of the series couldn't open up with Britt having served his time, as 'Terriers' enjoys a healthy viewership on Netflix, where Logue believes a second season to be a possibility.

“chance of terriers movie (we talk about it) ted griffin dreams of netflix or someone picking it back up (better as series than a film)…realistic chance of some kind of terriers revival- yes.”

Raymond-James has been upgraded to series regular for 'Once Upon A Time' season 3, while Logue himself will have his most prominent 'Sons of Anarchy' appearances yet within the coming sixth season, to say nothing of the other actors' availabilities, but what say you? Are you glad to have a bit of resolution to 'Terriers?' Do you think we might ever see additional episodes, akin to 'Arrested Development' or 'Veronica Mars?'

Plus, any excuse to have this stuck in our heads again: