Fear the Florida face-eaters no more!  Even if the zombie apocalypse is truly upon us, Hyundai and 'The Walking Dead' have partnered up to design the ultimate survival vehicle out of Hyundai's new 2013 Elantra Coupe!  And with the comic book 'Walking Dead' nearing its milestone 100th issue, where can comic cans catch a glimpse at series creator Robert Kirkman's new ride?  Whatever happens, just don't let Lori Grimes behind the wheel.

Partnerling up for San Diego Comic-Con 2012 and 'The Walking Dead's landmark 100th issue, series creator Robert Kirkman and Hyundai have come together to create "Hyundai Undead" and design a theoretical edition of an ultimate zombie survival machine out of the 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe.  Boasting a spiked cow-catcher, top mounted floodlights, CB radio, reinforced windows and wheel spikes to thin out the herds, Kirkman's Elantra will get anyone through 'The Walking Dead' in style.

But that's not all!  Fans in attendance of San Diego Comic-Con 2012 will be able to see the car for themselves on display!  Additionally, Kirkman will give away one Hyunday Elantra GT complete with a vinyl wrap commemorating the cover from the 'The Walking Dead's 100th issue.  It will NOT be weaponized, or reinforced like Kirkman's Zombie Survival Machine, unfortunately.

Check out the giveaway car for this year's Comic-Con, and take a look at the below video of 'The Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman coming up with his design!  Tell us how you'd survive the zombie apocalypse in the comments below!