Given the amount of time passed, no one was exactly surprised to hear that TNT’s Teen Titans adaptation Titans was officially shut down, though many wondered if another network might swoop into rescue the DC drama. Perhaps, according to DC creative boss Geoff Johns, who says “we have plans for Titans.”

Johns himself wasn’t terribly surprised by TNT’s decision to pass on Akiva Goldsman’s Titans script either, noting to TVLine that DC had been aware for months. That said, another iteration of the series could potentially still move forward:

We [at DC] have known about [Turner nixing Titans] for months and months and months. That’s not new news to us … We have plans for Titans. It’s a huge piece of DC and we have plans.

Prior to abandoning development, the series was said to feature a real-world take on superheroes Dick Grayson, Raven and Starfire, along with a wheelchair-bound Barbara Gordon and an unrelated male-female Hawk and Dove. Goldsman and Marc Haimes ran point with the series, Goldsman producing with Haimes acting as co-executive producer for Warner Bros. TV’s cable division Warner Horizon.

Previously, TNT boss Kevin Reilly said of the decision to pass:

Akiva [Goldsman] is a talented guy, [but] the script just wasn’t there. There is an unbelievable glut of superhero things in the market right now and if you have a really good one, clearly people are up for it. But I just don’t think that there’s a need for one that, for me, at least on paper didn’t seem to be screaming to get made.

The Titans continue to thrive in animated form, soon to hit on April 12 with the feature Justice League vs. Teen Titans, but might a live-action network pick up where TNT left off? What plans could Geoff Johns be referring to?

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