As with all Christopher Nolan projects, there is a veil of secrecy surrounding 'Transcendence,' the upcoming sci-fi film starring Johnny Depp. Produced by Nolan and directed by Wally Pfister (Director of Photography on the 'Dark Knight' films), 'Transcendence' was designed to be a complex sci-fi film, not unlike 'Inception,' but to date, we haven't had much (if any) official confirmations on the film's plot.

Today, we got our hands on the official 'Transcendence' plot synopsis and it sheds some light on this mysterious project.

Starring Depp, Rebecca Hall ('Iron Man 3') and Morgan Freeman, the film was previously described as being about the idea of Technological Singularity, or superintelligence through technological means. But what does that all mean and how does it fit into a big-budget action/sci-fi movie?

The official synopsis revealed by Warner Bros. describes the film as such:

Will Caster, forefather of A.I., has his consciousness uploaded onto the internet.

Once there, is it really Will who is interacting with humanity in order to make things better, or a darker sinister clone bent on the termination of the world as we know it?

Depp will play Will Caster in the film, with Hall playing his wife and Paul Bettany playing another scientist working on his team. The film should not be confused with another big theory action/sci-fi film from Christopher Nolan, 'Interstellar' with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain (which Nolan co-wrote and is also directing).

'Transcendence' is set to hit theaters on April 18 and hopefully we'll see a trailer for the film this fall (perhaps in theaters with 'Gravity'?).