'The Amazing Spider-Man' doesn't hit theaters until July 3rd but if you want to watch the new "untold story" of Spider-Man online, right now, from the comfort of your home or office, you're in luck. Well, sort of...

If you're like us, you've noticed that there's been a lot of trailers and clips and commercials and features released for 'The Amazing Spider-Man.' Well Vimeo user SleepySkunk decided to take all that publicly available video and edit it together in linear fashion to see how close to the actual 'Amazing Spider-Man' movie he could get. And guess what? He got pretty far.

The result is a 25-minute video that is essentially 'The Amazing Spider-Man.' It moves briskly and plays a little bit like what would happen if someone edited a movie like how they edited a trailer but we think you'll be surprised as to how otherwise seamless it is and how much of that "untold story" has actually been told by the multitude of trailers.

Now, of course, watching a bunch of online videos stitched together is no replacement for the real thing, especially when the 3D in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' is one of the best parts of the film. (Yes, we've seen it! Stay tuned for our official review...)  But as an experiment in the (perhaps) oversaturation of marketing materials, it's fascinating nonetheless.

Watch 'The Amazing Spider-Man' online below (or at least the mini-version of it) and remember, it hits real theaters on July 3rd.

UPDATE: Despite the fact that this was made using only publicly available video supplied by Sony Pictures, the video was pulled from Vimeo. Says user SleepySkunk on Twitter: "I received no notice or anything. My account has been deleted off Vimeo as well."

UPDATE #2: It's back! See the video below: