Do you hate the movie-theater experience? Are multiplex chairs far too uncomfortable? And how about that obnoxious arm rest preventing your from snuggling with your date? Then get yourself over to Malaysia, where they’ve concocted a cuddle-friendly movie theater for audiences craving comfort.

Known as the Beanie Plex, this theater, from TGV Cinemas, is located in the Sunway Pyramid mall. It caters to couples by offering comfy chairs big enough for two people. I’m not sure I could ever watch anything other than an edge-of-my-seat horror or explosive action movie there, though, because the temptation to fall asleep would be too great.

TGV Cinemas owns and operates 16 multiplexes in major shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Penang and beyond. Could this cuddly presentation make its way over to the States? And do you think it would help lure people off of their couches and back into theaters for first-run films?

Hey Alamo? We love the Drafthouse concept, and encourage you to spread it but maybe you could throw some Beanie Plex couches into a major market sometime soon, as well, okay? Thanks!