Over the years, Jon Stewart has had many actors as guests on 'The Daily Show' but there's one person Stewart says will never return to his stage. Who is this person and what did he do to piss of the 'Daily Show' host and his staff?

Stewart recently spoke at a fundraiser in New Jersey with his fellow Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. The two shared a number of behind-the-scenes anecdotes from their shows (Stewart, for example, admits he almost quit the 'Daily Show' early on in his career) and eventually someone asked who was the worst guest they've ever had on their shows.

Stewart didn't mince words saying actor Hugh Grant was officially the worst, adding "and we’ve had dictators on the show."

So what did Hugh Grant do to raise the ire of Stewart and his staff. The host didn't go into details but said that Grant was "especially unpleasant" to deal with and promised the crowd that he would never return to the show.

Grant was only a guest on 'The Daily Show' once; back in 2009 to promote 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' In that interview, which you can watch below, Stewart and Grant lobbed seemingly playful jabs back and forth regarding the World Cup, which was going on at the time. Stewart, who played soccer in college, initially brought up the conversation about the U.S./U.K. game, to which Grant said, "it's little girls who play football in America." Was this enough to upset Stewart in real life?

You can watch the interview below and see if there's any underlying tension between the host and guest.