Currently there are three Sherlock Holmes-based TV and movie franchises going strong. There's 'Elementary,' which is coming to CBS, there's the BBC 'Sherlock' and the Robert Downey Jr.-headed 'Sherlock Holmes' movies. Paramount has seen that the game is afoot, and is talking to Chris Columbus about rebooting his script for  'Young Sherlock Holmes.'

This comes from Tracking Board by way of Badass Digest, and though we don't know the first site very well, it seems logical. Why not remake something that's tangentially related to a number of franchises that are already successful? It's no different than competing asteroid or bible pictures. On top of which, Paramount owns the original and as we're in a business that loves itself some remakes and reboots, this property does have potential. Columbus wrote the original screenplay while the 1985 film was directed by Barry Levinson.

And though 'Young Sherlock Holmes' has its fans (as does every movie aimed at kids from the 1980's, save 'Howard the Duck'), it's probably most famous to tech geeks who note that it was the first film to feature an all CGI character. We remember the film as being not particularly good, but if this does come to pass, it means we can check for sure as there will surely be a new Blu-ray of the 1985 film to refresh memories.