The 'Kick Ass 2' red band trailer feels like an experiment in excess. There's only one way to top the first film and that's to up the insanity and brutality in every way, throwing social consciousness and sanity to the wind and embracing the franchise's inherent trashiness. If the trailer is any indication, the results are glorious.

Now join us as we take a look at ten great moments from the trailer. There will be excessive violence! There will be foul language! There will be...Jim Carrey?!

  • 1

    Chloe Grace Moretz Kicks the Sh*t Out of Aaron Johnson

    If there's one thing everyone remembers from the first 'Kick-Ass,' it's the pint-sized Chloe Grace Moretz slicing and dicing her way through countless adult foes without hesitation or remorse. Ms. Moretz is a little older and lot less pint-sized now, but it looks like her character hasn't been toned down in slightest, a fact that the trailer makes abundantly clear in its opening moments by showcasing her beating the stuffing out of Aaron Johnson. After all, the movie may be called 'Kick-Ass 2,' but everyone is really here for Hit-Girl.

  • 2

    Everyone's Back!

    There's always something incredibly satisfying about sequels that keep the same cast members in the loop and keep their universe consistent. Sure, 'Kick-Ass 2' always had a chance of being an entertaining action flick, but seeing the return of Garrett M. Brown as Dave's father and Clark Duke as his best friend Marty (who looks like he's taken on being a street vigilante himself) shows that this is more than a cash-in sequel. Well, at the very least it's a cash-in sequel that bothered to bring back all of the little characters you loved in the first one.

  • 3

    Jim Carrey?!

    Jim Carrey has been bouncing around a little aimlessly for the past few years, but it looks like he's back in a big, weird and slightly creepy way as Colonel Stars and Stripes, one of Kick-Ass' new allies. A bizarre riff on Captain America, the character appears to be taking Carrey's trademark wackiness and running it through a violent, sociopathic filter. Carrey's career as a comedic leading man may appear to be behind him, but could this open the door to a rebirth as a wacko character actor? We can only hope.

  • 4

    A Villain Named "The Motherf*cker"

    The last time we saw Christopher Mintz-Plasse's Chris D'Amico, he was mourning the death of his father and plotting his future supervillain career. Well, it looks like he's finally ready to make his move and has dubbed his new villainous identity "The Motherf*cker." Because, you know, nothing in the 'Kick-Ass' universe can ever be quiet, subtle or inoffensive. Not that we're complaining, mind you.

  • 5

    More and More Superheroes

    How do you raise the stakes in a sequel? You bring more bad guys, of course. And how do your heroes combat those bad guys? They bring along a bunch of friends! 'Kick-Ass 2' won't only feature Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, it'll feature a Justice League/Avengers (take your pick) of bizarre street-level vigilantes. With names like Doctor Gravity and Night Bitch, we're sure they'll fit right in.

  • 6

    RIP Big Daddy and Frank D'Amico

    As crazy as Jim Carrey may be in 'Kick-Ass 2,' we have a hard time imagining him out-crazying Nicolas Cage's downright bizarre Adam West riff in the first film. So we look upon the glimpse of his costume -- preserved in Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass' little Batcave -- with a certain amount of fondness. You'll be missed, Big Daddy. Can we hope for a flashback cameo? The trailer also flashes back to part one, reminding us of Frank D'Amico's (Mark Strong) death by rocket launcher. Hopefully, the new cast will fill the void left by these fallen thespians.

  • 7

    More of That Trademark Action

    What separated 'Kick-Ass' from every other action movie at the time of its release was its confidently shot action. In an age of "shaky cam" and incompetent action from incompetent filmmakers, director Matthew Vaughn showed everyone how it was done, clearly staging brutal and intricate action that showcased an impressive stunt team. It was a breath of fresh air...and now new director Jeff Wadlow has the difficult task of following Vaughn. We still don't know if he's up to the task, but if the trailer is any indication, the sequel will be jammed with tons of action and it certainly looks, at first glance, to be comparable with the first film. Consider our fingers are crossed!

  • 8

    Plenty of the Red Stuff

    And while we're on the subject of action, we can't talk about the 'Kick-Ass' franchise without talking about blood. Because there's a lot of in this franchise...most of it shed by Hit-Girl. Although the red band trailer doesn't showcase too much bloodletting, there's just enough to assure us that the series hasn't lost it's razor sharp, limb-hacking, artery slicing edge.

  • 9

    Hit-Girl's Foul Mouth

    Movie fans with long memories may recall the outrage the accompanied the first 'Kick-Ass' film, particularly critic Roger Ebert's scathing review that took the film to task for Hit-Girl's excessive use of profane language (including the dreaded "c-word"). Well, the sequel isn't going to change a thing: Chloe Grace Mortetz looks like she'll still be tossing out plenty of four letter words, usually right before she kills a whole bunch of people, because nothing accompanies violence better than swearing.

  • 10

    "There's a Dog on Your Balls!"

    Let's face it: that line has no right to be funny and in most cases, a trailer ending with a "dog bites groin" joke is a cause for eye-rolling...but there's something so delightfully menacing about Carrey that it somehow works. We have plenty of reasons to be interested in seeing 'Kick-Ass 2,' but Carrey's seemingly psychotic performance ranks above the rest.