Even if you're not into football, chances are you'll watch the big game just to see the 2013 Super Bowl movie trailers. It's that time of year when many studios like to give us a new or first look at some of the biggest movies of the year and the 2013 Super Bowl will be no different. So what movie trailers will premiere during the 2013 Super Bowl commercials? Find out!

We will update all the 2013 Super Bowl trailers below as they come online. Make you sure you check back often!

During the second quarter of the big game, the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' app (which you can download here) will allow users the ability to unlock the first of many surprises during the airing of the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer, making this one of the most unique and interactive apps ever created for a movie.

Star Vin Diesel revealed on his Facebook page that the first 'Fast and Furious 6' trailer will air during the 2013 Super Bowl. He said, "I don’t think anyone is prepared for what will happen on memorial day 2013...First look at Furious 6 will be at the Super Bowl." No word yet on when the trailer will air, but look for the 'Fast and Furious 6' Super Bowl trailer to run during the 1st quarter.

One of the biggest films of 2013 will get not one, but two Super Bowl trailers. Marvel will premiere a new :60 'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl trailer plus a shorter :30 TV spot that may air during the pre- or post-game show.

One of the longest trailers to premiere during the 2013 Super Bowl is Disney's 'The Lone Ranger.' During the first quarter of the Super Bowl, fans will be treated to a new :90 Super Bowl trailer for the upcoming 'Lone Ranger,' which stars Johnny Depp (and is from the creative team behind 'Pirates of the Caribbean').

Considering the many commercials during the NFL playoffs, you shouldn't be surprised to know that there will be an 'Oz, the Great and Powerful' commercial during the 2013 Super Bowl.

While it won't run during the game itself, keep your eyes peeled during the 2013 Super Bowl pre-game show for a new :30 trailer for the Brad Pitt zombie movie 'World War Z' which you can also watch below.

It may not be the blockbuster than 'Fast and Furious 6' is but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has another 2013 Super Bowl trailer for his upcoming action-drama 'Snitch.'

So far, these are the 2013 Super Bowl trailers scheduled to run. Stay tuned to this article as we update all the latest news on the 2013 Super Bowl commercials!

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