As the whirlwind promotion for 'The Hunger Games' begins settling down (like it even needs it anymore), it looks like Elizabeth Banks finally has enough time on her hands to bring a resolution to one of '30 Rock's most-enduring mysteries?  Mysteries?  That's right, even '30 Rock' has mysteries!

TVLine reports that 'The Hunger Games' and 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' actress Elizabeth Banks will finally return to '30 Rock' for a run of sweeps episodes this May.  Her character Avery Jessup had previously been abducted to North Korea in season 5 and forced to deliver Anti-American propaganda while married to notorious dictator Kim-Jong Un.  But under what circumstances will she return?

Much of the current season has seen Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) dedicated to returning his wife from captivity, even enlisting her mother Diana Jessup (Mary Steenburge), with whom he shares a bizarre attraction.  In reality, Banks has been in increasing film rotation the past few years, most notably with the role of elaborately-adorned 'Hunger Games' character Effie Trinket.

But that's not all!  Remember that second live episode '30 Rock' plans to air on April 26?  NBC saw fit to release their official description, saying:

When their Kabletown bosses announce they will no longer pay for TGS to be a live show, Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy realize their lives will actually be easier if they shoot canned episodes fast and cheap. Only Kenneth the Page objects, urging that nothing can replace the communal experience of live television. He tries to convince the TGS staff to fight for their right to be live by taking them and our audience through a magical look back at the illustrious history of Studio 6H.

Last night's '30 Rock' "The Shower Principle" took something of a meditation on the show's own age, but how do you feel about the upcoming run of episodes for the season 6 sitcom?  Does bringing back Elizabeth Banks' offer a bit of closure for Jack Donaghy, or will it turn out to be another method of return to the status quo?  Give us your reaction and favorite '30 Rock' moments in the comments below!